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It was my Dad’s love of music that I first heard DSB sing Diamonds are forever. I was mesmerised! We would listen to DSB in the car together all the time. He bought me a video of Dame Shirley’s concert, opening Cardiff arena. I’ve been in complete awe ever since. Have bought or watched everything DSB has done. There will never be anyone to match Dame Shirley Bassey!! I love you and your music!! 💗


I was second row from the front and ran to the stage when Shirley was throwing the flowers and I coughs a rose I was over the moon until the fellow behind me broke the roses head off and I was left withe the stem I was heartbroke


I first came across your voice at a friends who was on a defibrillator he was gravely ill his confidante put record 1 on of Shirley Bassey-Something Wonderful-6 x LP Box Set I was blown away by the unique tonal quality and tranfixed ever since 29 years on I am still breathing you in but it's not just your voice your presence is ever present in my life and will be for eternity.. Love SB X


After many years of travelling to see Dame Shirley live in concert, I got my best Mail ever directly from Monaco. Shirley will be always a Part of my life. Michael


In the 70s, I was about 11 or 12 years old and my uncle Marcel Blanche (famous drummer) gave me 2 audio tapes of Shirley Bassey. And since this then, even if I have thousands of albums of music, Dame Shirley is still my very first favorite singer.


To start yesssss I have the CD so happy, my mother was a big fan and I used to hear the music when I was little my mother died but the music from Dame Shirley Bassey has always remained number 1 for me and always will be Dame Shirlrley Bassey you are the number 1 in music your personality inside and out is so pure Love to you Dame Shirley Bassey and keep you safe in this time Love Yvette xx




My dad loved you, it was his birthday 14th November 1970, I was 20, for his birthday I bought him Shirley Bassey at Talk of the town, on vinyl in those days. over that weekend he was playing it all the time & clever me managed to scratch it, he could never be cross with me. 10 days after his birthday 24/11 he suddenly died.50 years on I still have the album, & now your new album it’s grear I


I saw Dame Shirley Bassey in concert in Connecticut back in 2000. She dazzled and engaged the audience with her brilliant voice and quick wit, I vividly remember each song, from Goldfinger, to Big Spender, to the finale, surprising the audience, she threw flowers to her adoring fans, including me. I cherish the memory and sincerely thank Dame Shirley for the music that makes my spirit soar!


My very first memory from Shirley Bassey goes back to 2010 when I was 12 years old. More specifically, my parents and I went to the cinema to watch Cats and Dogs: The revenge of Kitty Galore. There, I heard for the very first time Shirley's song: ''Get this Party Started''. I was truly impressed and enchanted by her powerful and sweet voice. Since then I became a fan of Shirley ❤


Am privileged to have seen Dame Shirley Bassey perform on stages around the globe, including Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall. But her entrances when she performed at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with its famous staircase that leads to the stage, I will never forget! But then, she is part of my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows!


I remember scrolling on Spotify and seeing her name there and I just clicked, and I always check the most recent album and the it was The Performance, so I put it on shuffle. The first song was As God is my Witness, and I fell in love instantly. I remember not hearing well the lyrics, but her voice blew me away, after that I kept hearing her discography and just fell head over heels ever since...


I've been a big fan since I was twenty (...now I'm 53). Dame Shirley's voice touched my heart in 1987 (the fabulous Berlin concert). Her music has accompanied me through all ups and downs in life. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to her music. Currently I'm sick. I'm having surgery this month. The 'I OWE IT ALL TO YOU' album will be my medicine. Thanks Dame Shirley! Best regards, Ann Rose


My mum still tells the tale, of when you had one of your first auditions , you borrowed a dress from her. Her name then was Sylvia Harris. Shes 83 now and still a great fan x


My Mother was living in Pennsylvania and we had tickets to see Shirley Bassey. That performance was cancelled. In 1997 Shirley Bassey was performing at the Westbury Music Fair. I drove out to Pennsylvania and brought my Mother back to New York to see the show. She said it was the greatest concert she ever saw and that Shirley Bassey is the greatest performer.


At Christie’s 2003 at the auction I ask to take her picture and to sign my catalog,I took the pic and when she ask my name she laugh and said ;ITS TO LONG GIVE ME A KISS; well she did sign it and I got lot no 1 the Pigalle gown,,it is here with my in New York,,,my most precious memory ,,thank youDame SHIRLEY.

Jean francois

My memory is when I sung Diamonds Are Forever to Dame Shirley Bassey on the Graham Norton show in red chair.. and she applauded me and said I was very good I have done my drag act the Dame Shirley Bassey experience for 27 years now with me having cystic fibrosis she has kept me alive with me singing the power that she does. my step-dad give me a tape years ago the first song was Goldfinger


I’ve always loved Shirley’s music. ‘This is my life’ is my personal anthem and as a singer I have performed it many many times myself too. My partner never was a fan (he is much more into techno music) until Glastonbury was on tv. We watched together and I saw him convert into a fan too! He had suddenly realised just how amazing the Dame is. He’s been a fan ever since!


This is my very special friend Marlene I met her 45 years ago when I was 16, she took me to a theatre in Manchester to see you (quite small and personal place). I am forever grateful to her and you for changing my appreciation of music.


Although I knew of the film's Goldfinger, Diamonds are forever, and Moonraker. I did not know the artist behind them until 2017. In 2017, I lost five people to death closest to me and a cat. On the verge of suicide one day, a song on YouTube began to play from a list that I had selected. It began with " It's funny how a lonely day can make a person say how good is my life." It saved my life.


I love you so much. As someone who studied music their entire life, it is impossible to encapsulate what you mean to me and to so many of us. You broke so many barriers socially, but truly broke barriers with your beautiful and enduring vibrato. Your songs have hallmarked some of my happiest moments in my life. I'm so grateful for the light you bring into this dark world. Long live the dame <3




I atttended a concert in the Odean in Bradford in 1964 and another at Batley Varieyy club and got a signed album from you,Have been a fan for over 58 years I have most of you records albums and cds I was over the moon when my cd came last friday I have played it at least once a day since.Have plenty time as I am in lockdown and your cd cheers me up.Thank you .love Jacqueline.


It was May 1971 I was 13 my Mum was going to see her at Blackpool Opera House with my Aunty who went sick so she took me instead. I didn’t know who Shirley Bassey was but when she started off stage with does anybody miss me the came on too what about today she blew me away and I’ve been hooked ever since. She is the best


I can’t remember a time when Dame Shirley wasn’t a firm favourite. My Grandfather, who was a WW1 veteran was the first in my family to appreciate her magic. Apparently he played her music on the jukebox in the pub he ran. My mum then passed that appreciation ion to me. I’ve seen Dame Shirley eight times in concert now and would go again in a heartbeat. Thank you Dame Shirley for sharing your gift


I remember when I was 7 years old and I heard Get the party started I was impressed by her wonderful voice, since then I became a fan of her and her incredible career, each song touches my heart, now with 20 years I sing her songs with my younger sister every day, I confess that it makes my days happy and I will continue listening and loving her music and her personality until the last of my days❤️


I remember seeing you in Concert many years ago in Coventry with my Mum, Dad, Grandma and Mum and Dads Friend Emily. Mum and Dad have been fans of yours for years. They moved to Dorset 7 years ago and now my dad is in a home with dementia, my mum misses him terribly. They have most of your albums in their record collection.


In 2015 my now husband Tim and created a campaign for Dame Shirley to record the next Bond theme. We created a video in which we edited ourselves into scenes from every James Bond film holding a sign saying 'It's Got To Be Bassey'. The campaign got a lot of attention and press and Dame Shirley herself saw it, loved it and we even got to meet her and chat about it. She was charming and great fun!


SO many memories at the front of the stage, at concerts! Two particularly at Birmingham NEC, once when I presented a disc to Dame Shirley in 1998 and another when I did the Morecambe and Wise gag with my boot in 2003 when she had bad feet! She has great humour and love for her fans. 'Thank you for the Years' and your amazing gift of music!! Ian x.


Aged 11 in 1972 I was taken to see Diamonds Are Forever. Mesmerized by the Opening Credits of dancing girls, glitz, glamour, diamonds & the brilliant theme song, that twinkled & soared far above & beyond the cinema screen. Not a great Bond film, but boy I knew I was listening to a truly great voice. From that moment, I’ve been hooked on all things Bassey, Bond & Beyond, Dame Shirley is Forever!


My father was a huge fan of yours, Dame Shirley Bassey. He bought the wonderful lp "The music is you". My brother and I couldn't help falling in love with you too from the moment dad played that record for the first time. Sadly, he passed away last February 10th. So, listening to your most recent album is a mixture of deep melancholy and joy. Thanks for illuminating our lives with your gift.


As a kid my parents would have drinks with friends in the evening and play their records, early 70’s. I must have been 8 when they put on a Shirley Bassey album and that was it! Long after their passing and my having my own family that exact album is now framed and hung on the wall as a reminder of good times past and of the times we had singing along to those amazing songs and that unique voice!


как меломан сменил в 92 году два диска Its my Life and Brodway Bassey Way с тех пор люблю


This is my very special friend Marlene I met her 45 years ago when I was 16, she took me to a theatre in Manchester to see you (quite small and personal place). I am forever grateful to her and you for changing my appreciation of music. Lynda Milburn


It was in 2003 during my first visiting of Saint-Petersburg where I found "Shirley Bassey. The Ultimate" by EMI, without any thoughts who she is, I decided that "The woman with so charming smile should not sing bad", I bought the CD which cost as twofold than my stipendium at the University. So does my love started


For a while we shared the same circle...mutual friends...concerts...dinners...you were truly magical and inspiring and generous to a fan! Xx


I was eight years old when my father took my sister and I to see Goldfinger when it hit the big screen in 1964. My first thought was WOW! Her voice was so mesmerizing!! Over the years I have purchased several of her albums and love every one of them!! Can't wait for her latest album to arrive, already have it ordered! Thank you Dame Shirley!!


Blackpool Opera House ....90s ...After the medley Almost like being in Love , I confidently marched upto the stage with a sumptuous bouquet of flowers. DSB kissed my cheek , which made my day , and I went back to my seat . The next song start " I'll be your audience " then to my horror , the flowers tipped over and water began to fill the stage . I had stopped the show ! Great concerts ! Simon

Simon C

My nan being a patriotic welsh woman adored Shirley Bassey. Growing up she would alway play her records and dance around the room singing big spender. From my nan came my adoration for Shirley Bassey and not a day goes by where I don’t listen to her songs. How I wish I could have seen her live.


Running into Dame Shirley at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. She had just flown in from New York after appearing on the Regis and Kathy show. I ran up to her, gave her a kiss and a hug. We chatted and walked to her waiting limo. Another encounter was in Lucerne, Switzerland in front of the Grand Hotel....all memorable encounters.


I recall the moment I realised and accepted a relationship with a special guy was over, when Shirley came over the speakers singing The Party's Over. To this day, I always think back 25 years ago to that special moment when I hear Shirley sing that special song.


Shirley Bassey was my Nans, (Joan) favourite singer, everyone thought of my Nan when Shirley Bassey sang, and she even looked like her when she was all glammed up! She went to see her at the NEC Birmingham. She always used to play her CDs and sing along in the kitchen when ever I was there. My Nan sadly passed at the start of this year, ‘you’ll never know’ was played at her funeral ❤️


I discovered her not too long ago. I‘m a huge Queen fan and Queen used to sing Big Spender during their live shows. I saw the footage and was blown away by that track. I few month later I watched my first James Bond film: Goldfinger. Again by Shirley Bassey. And that’s when she really got me. I find it also quite amusing that we share the same name. It’s an honor!


I was three or four in the early 70s and we had a record player in the dining room. I remember playing (repeatedly) the single “Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me” and singing sling with it! My mum told me that my grandad liked Shirley Bassey too.


My first memory of Dame Shirley was with my Dad at the Empire Pool, now the Wembley Arena in March 1959. My Dad predicted "All the other stars are brilliant, but this one..you wait and see what’s going to happen!! This little lady will go far!" Being a fan of hers ever since, I was able to watch her unveil her handprints in the Arena Square in September 2019, some 60 years later, just magical.


I was 16,1970s, in Belfast , bought my first Shirley Bassey album, my friend and I played it all the time wearing towels as headdresses and singing along! We always watched Shirley on Saturday night tv before going out to the the only gay bar. Moved to London late 70s,went to see Shirley several times at the RAH,what spectacular shows, costumes and singing! Friends passed away but happy memories!


My memories stretch back to 1971 but for me I have two very special memories. Firstly in 1995 at Cardiff Castle in front of your home crowd WHAT A NIGHT! Secondly at the open air concert at Somerley when I was seated with a friend in the front row. You took a sip of water and came over to me with your thumbs up wanting some of my champagne - I couldn't oblige due to the railings .. ugh! Terry.


I was watching Graham Norton when you sang The Girl from Tiger Bay and I and I was amazed by such presence and voice that you gave, so I decided to look further and found your concert at Glastonbury and instantly became your fan, and although my years as a fan are few like others, I will always have you in my heart and my mind. You are a diamond Dame Shirley.


I will never forget the moment when I got two VIP tickets from the director of AHOY theater in Rotterdam, to watch your show. You have been a great example to me since I was a child. As a singer, as a mother, but also your technique which you use while singing your songs. I am a singer in The Netherlands, and especially your songs are a welcome challenge for me to sing.


My dad was always a fan, we lost him a couple of years ago age 90.The first time he played “Excuse me” from the “Something Else” Album, I remember how moved he was telling me the story of the song, I still cry if I hear it, the album a gatefold sleeve with an amazing photo of Shirley in full 70s glam! In later years we loved looking up live performances on YouTube, thank you for the memories


"The Millennium Tour" at The Waterfront Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2000. I kid you not I saw this special lady bring an audience of over two thousand people to tears when she sang "Born To Lose". A night that has stayed in my memory for twenty years and will stay with me until the day I die.


I have many memories but I wanted to share how I first was introduced to her music. I was on Leeds in a working mans club with my Aunt where a turn was singing Natalie. I was mesmerised by the music and the words - my Auntie told me that it was a Shirley song. The very next day I went to Morrison’s and bought my first album - Life, love and feelings. I was 14, now 60. You have enriched my life.


the first time I listened to his Stupenda voice, it was in the theme song of the movie 007, I was immediately struck by his warm, sensual, vibrant voice, slowly I started looking for his records and I discovered one of the greatest ARTISTS in the world, I have never had the pleasure of attending a live concert or even meeting her, Dear Dame Shirley THANK YOU for wonderful emotions you give us!!!!!


The 25th Anniversary Album was the very first album I ever bought, secondhand. I was 12 at the time. Over the years I have been fortunate to see DSB live in London and Amsterdam on half a dozen occasions in the UK and Holland. We only met once, briefly, after I had waited outside the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in the freezing cold for an hour and a half. She was very kind to us and posed for photos.


I am an Italian author, performer and life coach moved to Canada a few years ago. I was a very young child when I saw Dame Shirley Bassey for the first time during a TV show. I still remember how much her presence, beauty, moves and voice made me feel amazed and willing to pursue a career as a performing artist. She is an inspiration and I am so grateful to her!


Tengo 10 años , y me encantan las canciones de Shirley Bassey ☺️me inspira confianza al cantar sus canciones ,mis canciones favoritas son Goldfinger ,Feelings ,Send in the clowns🥺 i (who have nothing) y Look but don’t touch!💐 La admiro mucho 🤩 Yo y mi hermano le deseamos salud y felicidad en estos tiempos dificiles y a todos los demas fans Thank you so so much Dame Shirley Bassey💝


I saw you at Carnegie Hall four times over the years, but the fourth time, in the early 90s, was the best. I was sitting in a first-tier box near the stage. As you were greeting the audience after your first song, I stood up and yelled " ... Hi, Shirley ... !" You waved back, from the stage of Carnegie Hall. I then could've JUMPED OUT THE BOX. Not good, though. Thank you, Dame Shirley.


I was lucky enough to be in the front row at Ms Bassey's concert in Perth Australia in I think 1997/98 with my father and mother. Absolutely fantastic! I was only 20 at the time but now being 43, I still play her music and forever will. Bless!


My mum won money at the bingo one night came home with it and was excited about the win , it was back in the day when stereograms were fashionable, she had seen one in a shop window and admired it , she bought it with the winnings and that’s when I heard for the first time diamonds are forever, my personal favorite because it takes me back to that time.


I arrived in the big city of Montreal, Canada I was attending a female impersonator show, this artist personified Dame Shirley Bassey. I fell in love with this great artist. I bought all the albums and followed his career since that day. I am also an artist since that day and I present songs by Dame Shirley Bassey. My greatest joy, for my 25 years of career, with the help of a friend I receive


Hi I'm writing on behalf of my mother Dorothy Sullivan formerly Dorothy Hill. You were friends and worked at a cigar factory in Cardiff. Both my Mum and Dad still listen to you .I hope you remember.


I fondly remember discovering Dame Shirley Bassey as a child. My late Grandmother used to play her albums a lot. It formed the background music to a very happy, very content childhood. My fondest memory was hearing ‘Big Spender’ for the first time and my Grandmother sashaying into the living room in time to the music singing along and copying Shirley’s moves. Always making me smile.


It was November 1970 as a 15 year old that i went to my first Shirley concert. Centre front row seat at the Liverpool Empire.This was a magic night and was to be the first of many concerts over the years in various parts of the country..Another I could never forget was at an open air concert in 1998 at Powderham Castle in Exeter.the heavens opened with rain of which I'd never seen or heard before


Miss Bassey, I saw you perform at the Escondido Center for the Performing Arts in Escondido Ca about 20yrs ago..A friend who could not attend gave me his two tickets 5th row center..I took a friend with me who at the time believed music began and ended with Beyonce..Needless to say he was in for a big surprise as I had been a big fan for many years..Thank You!


I was 13, I heard "never never never" - it was rumba. I did not know the name of the singer for a long time, the name of Shirley Bassey was not widely known in the Soviet Union. then, when the iron curtain fell, I recognized the name of the singer. now I'm 46. and 33 of them - I'm your devoted fan. thanks!


well thats a hard question, The oscars being introduced by adele, but heres my quest to interview Miss Shirley Bassey, I have my own radio program on CHIN Radio here in Toronto, its an irish/ scottish old country magazine type broadcast i have been on teh air for over 32 years, and sitting here in the midst of the pandemic my son asked who would i really like on my program to cheer me up only 1


It was 1976 and I was 14. Travelling back from a weekend in the country in a new Rolls-Royce, over the radio it was announced that tickets were on sale for Shirley Bassey at the Hordern Pavilion. Who wanted to go? Me please!! She wore a silver dress and I was simply knocked out. A love affair since then and probably someone who has taught me more about the expression of emotions than anyone else.


I was born into a religious cult who had banned us listening to most music due the “ worldly influence “ and Shirley was one of those artists mostly due to her song Hey Big Spender. I remember hearing a song from her This is my Life Album ( vinyl)and secretly went out and bought .My father was horrified and demanded I destroy it which I said I would but I secretly hid it and still play it now


My most treasured memory will always be meeting Dame Shirley at the Christie’s auction in 2003. I successfully bid on and bought the gown I first ever saw her perform in (lot 33 ). She autographed my invitation by leaning on my back, which was amazing . My only regret was when she sang a Capella in the auctioneers box that I should have offered to bid more if she let me sing a duet with her


In October 2016 (when I was 13) I saw your performance at the Royal Albert hall from 1972. I was stunned by pure perfection. It was absolutely amazing. Easy the best music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. My favourite song being "This is My Life" at the end of the concert. Since then, I listen to that performance every day. It would be amazing to hear from you. I hope you read this.


My late dad was a huge fan, we were brought up watching you on TV and listening to your music, and it's continued with me. Love the new album,xx


With my first pay cheque I bought The Shirley Bassey Collection Vol 2 on vinyl. The first track I played was 'Now You Want To Be Loved' and it was like the world stood still for three minutes. I had never heard of anything like it and 41 years later this is still one of my all time favourite recordings. Seeing you live at Colston Hall in 1981 will always be a standout moment. The anticipation!!!!!


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